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Insurance sorted.


Well, as promised here is news regarding my insurance.

I tried 4 companies & out of those only 2 were able to quote for electric scooters. Carol Nash & Bennetts still don’t do electric insurance.

I got my renewal quote from my current provider ‘West Humberstone Agencies Ltd’ (AKA, electric scooter insurance) for £143. I thought that was reasonable, but as I have mentioned before, I wanted to declare the scooter modified.
I got in contact with Adrian Flux & explained what I had done to my scooter. The guy I spoke to was really helpful & seemed very knowledgeable. He said that having the modifications was no problem & there are a few underwriters out there that would be able to help, Aviva being one of them. He quoted me £157, which I thought was also pretty good.
I phoned WHA back & I asked them if they could quote for my modified scooter & they said they could. I was quoted the same price (£143). After requesting that they remove the £12 legal cover I got it for £131. They have now supplied me with a letter stating that they know the scooter is modified & are happy with it being at 72 volts.
My situation is: Aged 35. Full bike licence. 1 years No claims.

Sorted. Paid up & legal. 🙂


It’s insurance time again!


Hi, it’s been a while since my last post as I have not really had anything to add, but now it is the dreaded insurance time….
I have found 3 potential companies & will be checking on quotes over the next week or so.
Will post info as & when I have it. Fingers crossed for a sensible quote 🙂