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1k & going strong.


Today my Scoota reached the 1000 mile mark. So that’s probably about 715 real miles.
It’s still going strong & the batteries still seem to be holding up.
I think that it has also done about 500 miles of those with 60volts. No side effects yet.
Has anyone else’s clocked the 1st ‘K’ yet? I’d be intersted to know if there has been any problems yet.


To shunt or not to shunt?


Well…. I modified my replacement controller. When I took it apart I found that it had 2 shunt wires & pre-drilled holes for another. So I added the extra cable & got ready to install it, but when it came to fitting the controller I found that two of the connectors were different to my original controllers.
Also, I noticed that my original controller has a label that says: ‘Break : High Level’ & ‘Current Limit: 35A 1400W’.
But my replacement controller has a label that says: ‘Break : Low Level’ & ‘Current Limit: 34A 1400W’.
And the new controller is a bit bigger.
I thought I’d remove the back-plate from my original controller & find out where the wires all go. When I removed the back, the first thing I saw were the shunt wires. 3 of them!
MMM I thought. It seems that the controllers were actually designed to have 3 shunts in place as standard. What a waste of time that was…….
So I had a quick think & decided to remove the extra shunt I had previously installed.
I tried the the scoota with the ‘2 shunt’ controller & it worked fine, but I noticed that it was a bit slower on acceleration, but the top speed was about 3MPH higher.
I put my orginal back in & the acceleration increased again & the top speed was back to normal.

My conclusion from this is that if you need a scoota to handle hills, you should keep with the ‘3 shunt’ controller. If you would prefer top speed, you can remove a shunt to gain speed but lose power.

I am going to try out the contoller again & remove another shunt (so it only has 1) & see what the top speed is & how slow the acceleration is. I’ll let you know in due course….

If you want to remove a shunt, it can be done by simply removing the back plate from the controller & snipping the nearest wire. You don’t even need to remove the circuit board from the box.

Don’t believe the speedo!



I have had my doubts about the speedo reading for a while now & (as far as I am concerned) have concluded that the mph & odometer readings are extremely over complimentary to the Scoota.

When I first bought my Scoota, I took it for a ride with my sat-nav in my pocket to record speed & distance. I rode for 7.3 miles (according to the clock) & topped 33mph. When I pulled out my sat-nav it was telling me that my best speed was 22.5mph & I had travelled 5.2 miles. At the time I thought it must have been a mistake on the sat-nav’s behalf. I have tried a few times since with the same sort of results.

On Monday whilst on my way to work, I saw a new speed check radar that tells you your speed (it’s a 20 zone). I thought it would be a good chance to check my speed, so I twisted the throttle open & headed for it. It bounced back a top speed of (wait for it…..) 24mph. Bare-in-mind it was located at the bottom of a slight hill. My speedo was lying (I mean reading) 32mph (5th battery not connected at that time). If you can’t trust a radar, what do you trust?

On Tuesday I decided to go through with the 60 volts working (top speed on the clock of 45mph down hill). When I got to the radar it bounced back a speed of 32mph! Bugger! Lying clock!

I have to say now that I am sorry that I tried to do 45mph in a 20 zone. It is silly & dangerous. Not my usual road riding practice & I won’t be repeating it.  But this does, I believe, conclude that you can’t trust the Ego’s speedo or odometer.

I must therefore conclude that the Ego Scoota is not actually capable of doing the advertised speed of 30mph or a capable of travelling a range of “upto” 40 miles. It is more likely capable of doing approx 20mph (on a flat) & travelling about 28 miles.

Sorry to anyone that has a standard Scoota. I suggest that we all contact Ego & complain about the false advertisements. You never know, they might actually supply us all with upgraded speed controllers.  If you wanna complain, just go to their web site  & contact them via the ‘technical help’ link.

I am now looking into the possibility of doing a thing called the ‘Shunt mod’ (thanx Mike). It uses a bit of wire to reduce the resistance in the speed controller (check out I will post news as & when I have it.