Insurance sorted.

Well, as promised here is news regarding my insurance.

I tried 4 companies & out of those only 2 were able to quote for electric scooters. Carol Nash & Bennetts still don’t do electric insurance.

I got my renewal quote from my current provider ‘West Humberstone Agencies Ltd’ (AKA, electric scooter insurance) for £143. I thought that was reasonable, but as I have mentioned before, I wanted to declare the scooter modified.
I got in contact with Adrian Flux & explained what I had done to my scooter. The guy I spoke to was really helpful & seemed very knowledgeable. He said that having the modifications was no problem & there are a few underwriters out there that would be able to help, Aviva being one of them. He quoted me £157, which I thought was also pretty good.
I phoned WHA back & I asked them if they could quote for my modified scooter & they said they could. I was quoted the same price (£143). After requesting that they remove the £12 legal cover I got it for £131. They have now supplied me with a letter stating that they know the scooter is modified & are happy with it being at 72 volts.
My situation is: Aged 35. Full bike licence. 1 years No claims.

Sorted. Paid up & legal. 🙂


2 Responses to “Insurance sorted.”

  1. paul kelly Says:

    i have a puncture in rear wheel, any ideas as to remove wheel etc,,,

    • nigsego Says:

      Hi Paul.
      Sorry to hear about the puncture. Happened to mine too & it could not be fixed.
      You’ll have to disconnect the motor from the speed controller (under the seat unit, 4 bolts (10mm socket) & 1 cross-head screw). snipped off all the tie-wraps securing the cables from the motor. slacken off the adjuster brackets from the rear wheel. Disconnect the rear break cable from the drum break. Make sure the Scoota is on its centre stand. Undo the Wheel spindle nut & punch the spindle out. Make note of where the wheel spacers go. The wheel should now drop out.

      I took my wheel to a couple of bike & car tyre place’s, but quite a few of them never had the facility to remove a tyre from our wheel type, so you may have to make a few calls before you find a good place.

      I would recommend buying a replacement tyre (not a crappy Chinese tyre) of a good quality. I find the Chinese tyre pretty slippery.

      Fitting is obviously the reverse of removal 🙂

      Hope this helps…..


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