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De-Restriction update (version……)


Hi peeps.
It’s only been a week or so since my last update, but there has been a truck load of stuff going on, that will hopefully make those of you that were apprehensive about doing a conversion change your mind.
As I’ve mentioned a few times before, I have been having lots of communications with a guy named Mike, who is ( without me over inflating his EGO 🙂 ) a complete genius when it comes to electronics. We had been happily running along the lines of using the Scoota with 60 volts & had cured all the problems, i.e. getting the right charger & a new speed controller. This is all good if you want/are happy with a straight 60v conversion. By the way, the new controller I posted info about, is actually a straight fit with no requirement to change any connectors, so you could convert without EGO ever knowing (in case of a warranty claim) 🙂

Now Mike has thrown a 72volt (with onboard battery regen) conversion into the arena! I am really interested in going this way, as it seems pretty simple. I would be able to use my new controller as it is already capable of running 72v, all it needs is a re-programming of the chip (but if you buy a standard one from e-crazyman you would not need to do this.
You can easily fit 2 batteries under the seat (making 72 volts total), the only drawback at this stage, is that we are yet to source a 72v charger (although we are looking). It would be a case of taking out the 6th battery & charging separately every day.
There would be a requirement to uprate the battery cabling & a simple circuit to reduce the voltage to the voltage converter, but this is all simple stuff.

I will post more later, as & when I have news worthy 🙂



De-restriction update.


I was kindly informed about a battery charger that was available to charge all 5 batteries (60 volts). There is a guy in Hong Kong that deals in a load of electric scooter stuff. The charger is 60 volt, 2.5 amp. This remove’s the need to charge the extra battery seperately. Here’s the link for e-crazyman’s ebay site:
I have cut off the electrical flex from my old charger & fixed it to the new charger, as the new one only had about 2′ of flex.

He also makes a 72 volt speed controller which he will convert to a 60 volt controller. I have asked him to produce a 60 volt, 1400 watt, 50 amp controller, which he has & I am awaiting delivery…..