De-restriction update.

I was kindly informed about a battery charger that was available to charge all 5 batteries (60 volts). There is a guy in Hong Kong that deals in a load of electric scooter stuff. The charger is 60 volt, 2.5 amp. This remove’s the need to charge the extra battery seperately. Here’s the link for e-crazyman’s ebay site:
I have cut off the electrical flex from my old charger & fixed it to the new charger, as the new one only had about 2′ of flex.

He also makes a 72 volt speed controller which he will convert to a 60 volt controller. I have asked him to produce a 60 volt, 1400 watt, 50 amp controller, which he has & I am awaiting delivery…..


4 Responses to “De-restriction update.”

  1. hohisilver Says:

    Hi Nick

    Ok, now I’m getting interested. That charger’s pretty cheap, so I’m keen to hear how you get on with the new speed controller (and of course, how much it costs :)) Not having had the nerve to start taking bits off the scooter, I was also wondering where you found the space to mount the extra battery in there?



    P.S. I guess you haven’t heard any more from Mike about the “variable” controller?

  2. nigsego Says:

    Hi Ian.
    We have kinda disregarded the whole ‘variable controller’ thing now, as the new speed controller will sort that problem out. The new controller cost about £75 including delivery from Hong Kong.
    Also, (the best news I’ve heard this week) Mike has just informed me that the wiring set-up on the new controller is a straight fit into the original electric’s. He is gonna fit his up-rated circuit breaker (this weekend, hopefully) & try the Scoota on the road. My fingers & toes are crossed in anticipation.
    The 5th battery is simply located under the seat. It’s not clamped-in or anything & it is perfectly happy there. No problems as yet 🙂


  3. Johnny Says:

    Hi Nick,
    Very interesting blog,well done to you 🙂 ..

    Forgive my ignorance,as i’m clueless with wiring etc..The speed controller you mention above,will that fit/straight swap with the original one,what will it improve,and can it be done independently of the extra battery you’ve fitted? Basically,if i didn’t want to go down the 5th battery road,would the speed controller boost the mph on the scoota?

    • nigsego Says:

      Hi Johnny.
      Thanx 🙂
      The speed controller will require different connectors to be fitted & I will post details when mine arrives. But it is a straight swap in the sense that the wire colours match. If you use this new controller, you would have to use 5 batteries, as it (I beleive) has a low current cut-off at 52 volts (Mike, please correct me if I’m wrong here). The new controller will allow the Scoota to run at approx 45mph (on the clock) which is really about 35mph. Also, it will allow it to have greater hill climbing speed, better acceleration & better performance while carrying a passenger.
      The down side is that it will probably drain the batteries quicker, but having 5 of them should counter-act it & give about the same range (a true 25 miles I recon).

      As for getting the Scoota to go faster without adding extra volts, I have no clue. I’ve spoken to lots of electronically minded people & they are all stumped. Mike may be able to re-program the speed controllers chip to make speed up the motor, but as yet, no testing has been done.

      Hope this helps……

      I will post a more detailed log when mine is fitted & have given it a far test.


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