De-Restriction update (version……)

Hi peeps.
It’s only been a week or so since my last update, but there has been a truck load of stuff going on, that will hopefully make those of you that were apprehensive about doing a conversion change your mind.
As I’ve mentioned a few times before, I have been having lots of communications with a guy named Mike, who is ( without me over inflating his EGO πŸ™‚ ) a complete genius when it comes to electronics. We had been happily running along the lines of using the Scoota with 60 volts & had cured all the problems, i.e. getting the right charger & a new speed controller. This is all good if you want/are happy with a straight 60v conversion. By the way, the new controller I posted info about, is actually a straight fit with no requirement to change any connectors, so you could convert without EGO ever knowing (in case of a warranty claim) πŸ™‚

Now Mike has thrown a 72volt (with onboard battery regen) conversion into the arena! I am really interested in going this way, as it seems pretty simple. I would be able to use my new controller as it is already capable of running 72v, all it needs is a re-programming of the chip (but if you buy a standard one from e-crazyman you would not need to do this.
You can easily fit 2 batteries under the seat (making 72 volts total), the only drawback at this stage, is that we are yet to source a 72v charger (although we are looking). It would be a case of taking out the 6th battery & charging separately every day.
There would be a requirement to uprate the battery cabling & a simple circuit to reduce the voltage to the voltage converter, but this is all simple stuff.

I will post more later, as & when I have news worthy πŸ™‚



17 Responses to “De-Restriction update (version……)”

  1. hohisilver Says:

    Hi Nick

    So I presume from what you’ve said in your post, you’re already using the uprated controller? Is there any noticeable difference in performance? I’m still not likely to go for a conversion in the near future, for the reasons I listed on my reply to Johnny on the Electric Motoring forum, but I’m still intrigued by all this. Thanks for being a guinea pig πŸ˜‰



  2. Mike Says:

    The standard Crazyman 72V controller will still need reprogramming if regen braking is required.
    The regen braking is a must I think. The first thing I noticed when riding the EGO was that when you were going down a slight hill and you got to a corner and you released the throttle it just kept going and you had to brake to make the corner. Having driven a car for many years I expect to get some engine braking when I lift my foot off the gas or change down a gear. The regen braking should give you this and make it feel more like a petrol engine when manoeuvring. Also when you squeeze the front brake lever you get braking on both wheels without any wear on the rear pads. The charge flowing back into the batteries is just a bonus. Going to look at the cruise control option next.

  3. nigsego Says:

    Hi Ian.
    I am not using my new controller yet. I will be fitting it on Saturday. Mike has tried his out though.


  4. Mike Says:

    Tried it, took it apart, reprogrammed it, soldered things to it, put it back together. Will be taking it apart again real soon πŸ™‚

  5. hohisilver Says:

    Oh. Does that mean it doesn’t work?

  6. Mike Says:

    No, it works fine. Just like modifying these things. Think one of my horn buttons is soon to become the cruise control button. Will definately be going to 72 volt as well.

  7. hohisilver Says:

    I had thought that one of the horn buttons could be used for something else – why do you need two? πŸ˜‰ I guess the “reprogramming” is some sort of microcontroller?

  8. Mike Says:

    I assumed that there were two buttons so you could always get to one in a hurry. Also gives you the option of giving the finger with either hand while beeping the horn with the other πŸ™‚

  9. nigsego Says:

    Yep πŸ™‚ Works for me.

  10. John Hendrick Says:

    Hiya Nick,sounds like you’ve made great progress since i last looked at the blog,well done πŸ™‚ the mo,i’m using the ego scoot as bought,but its so slow up the hills,and i need the extra ‘boost’ from traffic lights if i wanted to upgrade to one extra battery,roughly how much would it cost me,and how long would it take to do the conversion (bearing in mind my electrics knowledge is to the level of changing a plug and socket) ? Thanks for all the info so far..

  11. nigsego Says:

    Hi John.
    If you just want to upgrade to 5 batteries, it will cost you about: Β£50 for the battery (including delivery), $47.50 (so what ever the exchange rate is at the time) & about Β£10 for the wires & connectors. It really is very simple, I’m no electrician by any stretch of the imagination, it’s basically a small amount of soldering of cables into connectors & adding the new wiring harness. You can do it. Bare in mind though, if you use your exsisting speed controller you’ll have to run it for about 1/8th mile everyday prior to connecting the 5th battery. Remember to flick the isolator switch off every time you connect & disconnect the battery & loop.


  12. John Says:

    Thanks Nick,

    Sounds simple enough (famous last words)..any idea how much the compatible speed controller would be?


  13. nigsego Says:

    Hi John.
    The replacement speed controller is $75 + $35 delivery, again it’s a case of exchange rates. I would recommend getting it at 72 volts (so you can run with 6 batteries), as paying so much for a new controller that does not give any additional performance then the standard, is a bit of a waste. The only advantage to the new controller rated at 60 volts, is that it will work from a fully charged set of batteries (the standard one will not).
    There’s plenty of room for 6 batteries & I am absolutly sure that it would hit 50 (ish) mph (on the clock). Plus it will pull up hills even better. Buying 2 additional batteries should cost Β£75 + postage (money well spent).

    If you went for the 72 volt version I would recommend buying a 24v charger, then you can charge 4 batteries using the standard charger & the 2 new ones with the new charger.

    I recon that the cost of doing the whole conversion would cost around Β£200. Not bad for an additional 20mph I think πŸ™‚

    Hope this helps….. Sorry, I was babbling….


  14. Mike Says:

    Yes, I was thinking it would get to 41 or maybe 42 mph which would be about 50 on the clock.

  15. John Says:

    Thanks for the info chaps,from what you’ve said,i think i’m gonna go down the 72 volt/2 extra batteries route..Nick,i know you did a walkthrough with the 1 extra battery mod,if you have a bit of spare time,is there any chance of doing the same for the 2 battery mod? It’d be a great help,and would boost my confidence massively,knowing i’m doing it right πŸ™‚

    all the best,

  16. Mike Says:

    Hi John,

    The 72v mod is little more complicated that the 60v one. You need a new controller. There is the matter of how to charge the batteries and also how to power the voltage converter which I don’t think will take 72v. Nick is going 72v today with a temporary workaround for this but we hope to have a permanent fix for this next week.

  17. Mike Says:

    We seem to have sorted all the 72 volt issues now. I’ve managed to source a DC converter that will work at 72 volts (in fact it will work at over 200 volts) and its only Β£22 including delivery. I’ve had one running on my bike now for a couple of days and its working fine. I’ve now got two 36 volt chargers each charging 3 batteries and all through the original charge socket (no need to disconnect anything). The battery gauge works correctly now as well.
    Regen braking is great, much nicer to ride than freewheeling and you definately feel a power boost at the bottom of a hill from the extra charge on the way down. Nick has had some problems with his regen but we are pretty sure it is just a fine tuning thing which didn’t get sorted last weekend because the weather was too nice to waste reprogramming controllers.

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