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Battery life.


Just a quick update on things.
My Scoota is just coming up for 4000 miles (speedo reading) & I am really impressed with the condition of the batteries.
I am still charging them every day when I get in from work & they normally require a 4 to 5 hour charge. Just recently I have been using the lights for both the journey to & from work, so the re-charge is about 5 to 5.5 hours.
I’ve had absolutely now problems with them yet & they have been in service since September 2008 🙂
I feel that they should be good for at least another 6 months & that will be about another 1200 miles.
This, I feel, is worthy of praise to Saiting for producing a good balance of overall performance.
Thinking about the performance I am getting from my lead-acid batteries, I feel I can’t really justify opting for Lithium batteries next time. The price of Lithium batteries is still far too high compared with lead-acid replacements.