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A noisey front-end.


A couple of weeks ago I started to notice that after using my front break the throttle was slow to respond. I thought it was down to an electrical fault, maybe the cut-off switch on the front break was playing up. I took it off & had a look, couldn’t find any problems so I gave it a spray of good old WD40 & refitted it. Took the break lever off, cleaned it up, lubricated it & refitted it. None of this made any difference, so I kind of resided with the idea that maybe something was failing within my speed controller.
Now a couple of days ago I started to get an intermittent ‘rubbing’ sound from the front end. The sound got more frequent the higher the speed but was not present at lower speeds. Decided that it was time to strip down the front end.

I started to take the front wheel out & found the spindle bolt was so excessively tight that I needed to stand on the wrench to undo the nut. These nuts should never be that tight! Got the spindle out & found that it had never been greased. Took the break calliper off, these came off quite easily. Noticed that one break pad had worn more than the other, so I took a better look at the calliper. The two pistons had a bit of surface corrosion on them so I cleaned them up with a bit of WD40 & a soft cloth, then gave them a good spray of Wd & pushed them back in & pumped them out etc a couple of times to draw in the fluid. Re-lubricated the sliders & pins & then put it all back together. Also noticed a load of very light scratches on the disc, so I guess that the pads must have picked up some grit & was rubbing on the disc.

I thought that before I put the wheel back, I’d take out the crappy screws holding the front mudguard & replace them with some new bolts. !!!!!!!! There’s a lot to be said about greasing bolts before fitting them! On of them sheared (torqued) off! Had to drill-out the bolt & re-tap the hole.
I urge you all to change these bolts or at least take them all (every bolt & screw you can see) out & put some ‘never-seize’ grease on the threads. This will hopefully save you from having this problem in time of urgent repairs….

Anyway, put it all back together (with fresh grease everywhere) & took it out for a ride….. No more noise & the problem with the throttle response had gone 🙂
The corrosion on the calliper pistons was causing the breaks to stick slightly which was causing the lever to not return correctly & thus causing the poor throttle response due to the cut-out switch staying off until the lever fully returned.
The rubbing noise was caused by debris caught in the pads.

Bare in mind my Scoota has only done 4300 miles, I would suggest that the front end would need servicing at about 3000 miles.

Hope this helps 🙂


Battery life.


Just a quick update on things.
My Scoota is just coming up for 4000 miles (speedo reading) & I am really impressed with the condition of the batteries.
I am still charging them every day when I get in from work & they normally require a 4 to 5 hour charge. Just recently I have been using the lights for both the journey to & from work, so the re-charge is about 5 to 5.5 hours.
I’ve had absolutely now problems with them yet & they have been in service since September 2008 🙂
I feel that they should be good for at least another 6 months & that will be about another 1200 miles.
This, I feel, is worthy of praise to Saiting for producing a good balance of overall performance.
Thinking about the performance I am getting from my lead-acid batteries, I feel I can’t really justify opting for Lithium batteries next time. The price of Lithium batteries is still far too high compared with lead-acid replacements.

It’s insurance time again!


Hi, it’s been a while since my last post as I have not really had anything to add, but now it is the dreaded insurance time….
I have found 3 potential companies & will be checking on quotes over the next week or so.
Will post info as & when I have it. Fingers crossed for a sensible quote 🙂

The instructions are coming.


The 72 volt conversion instructions are on the way. They should be ready in a few days. Keep an eye on Mike’s site for news.