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How much am I saving?



I have just bought a cool little device that tells you how much electricity you are using & how much it is costing. I set this device up with my KWH price (15p) plugged it in, put all 5 batteries on charge left it to do its thing. When they were all charged-up I checked it & found that it had cost me 11 pence! So my commute to work & back is costing me 11p per day, that’s amazing. EGO sure weren’t lying when they said it would be cheap to run. My commute is a 15 mile round trip. I recon I save about £50 a month compered to my old car’s fuel & tax bill. If you want to see the gadget, try here:



A change of name.



I have just noticed that Castleton car sales have a new name for their scoota business. They are now called Northwest scooters. See their web site:

Still the best people to deal with (in my humble opinion).

Rush hour blues?


I had my first real rush-hour run today since I bought my scoota. It used to take me about 40 min’s to get home in the rush hour when using my car, but today, on my scooter it only took 25 min’s. Actually overtaking cars! Quicker journey home & saving money, that’s what it’s all about.

I’ve done it…


Hi peeps.

Sorry for the delay, but I have finally written the description of how to do the de-restriction. If ya wonna copy just email me at: & I will send you a copy on reply..

Ta. Nick.