I’ve done it…

Hi peeps.

Sorry for the delay, but I have finally written the description of how to do the de-restriction. If ya wonna copy just email me at: nicholas.western@ntlworld.com & I will send you a copy on reply..

Ta. Nick.


2 Responses to “I’ve done it…”

  1. Steve G Says:

    Hi Nick.

    Thanks for the quick response sending my your colourful guide. I will read through it thoroughly!

    I had a stupid idea this morning and wonder if it would be possible to extend the battery life just a little bit by installing a small power generator (like the ones used for camping trips) under the seat, or maybe a dynamo generator attached to the rear wheel which could be attached to the plug socket and provide an extra bit of charge whilst driving along!

    Crazy idea probably. I don’t even know if its even possible to drive the scooter whilst its charging? As I’ve only just got mine road legal (after all the phaffing around!).Looking forward to riding it into the sunset though!

    Happy New Year and thanks for the Blog! Good stuff!

  2. nigsego Says:

    Hi Steve.
    The idea of a dynamo isn’t that crazy, the Vectrix scooter uses a simular principle. It has a generator that cuts in when you twist the throttle forwards, so charging the battery on the go.
    Hope you have plenty of fun on ya scoota. Please let me know if you try your idea, I would be really glad to here how it goes, I might even try it myself soon šŸ™‚ Please let me know if you do the de-restriction conversion & how you get on.
    I’m gonna re-fit my wheel tomorrow & get back on the road.


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