Insurance 2010.

I have just renewed my insurance. Didn’t bother shopping around this year, as Swinton (Carol (I think)) contacted me with a quote & it seemed pretty reasonable. Was quoted £128 + £25 for legal cover.
I turned down the legal cover to keep the cost down as much as possible, but then Carol chucked it in for free, so I have fully comp + legal for £128.
I did check to make sure that they were still aware that my Scoota was modified & they confirmed & accepted. 🙂


11 Responses to “Insurance 2010.”

  1. Bruce, Ego Owner and Fan, Surrey Says:


    I hope you are well, recently I heard a slight scraping noise and now my speedo does not work. Im guessing the scraping noise was the thing that touches the wheel or something to see how fast you are going has detatched itself, any ideas?

    • nigsego Says:

      Hi Bruce.
      Sorry to hear about the speedo issue. I have two suspicions:
      1. Speedo cable has snapped, which would be a simple replacement.
      2. The mechanisim on the front wheel spindle has broken, which is a more involved job. You need to remove the front wheel & take a look at the speedo drive. You may have run the spindle dry (no grease) and the 2-Tangs sheared off. I have heard of another Scoota with this problem.

      • Bruce, Ego Owner and Fan, Surrey Says:


        I’ll give it a go! any top tips on how best to take the front wheel.


  2. nigsego Says:

    The front wheel is nice and simple. Put the Scoota on the center stand. Spanner on one end of the spindle & wratchet on the other. Just remember where the wheel spacers go (take a look before undoing the spindle).
    Plenty of fresh grease on the spindle when you put it back together.

  3. Paolo Says:

    Are you still using this Ego?

    • nigsego Says:

      Hi. No, not riding it any more. I have converted it into a 3-wheeled go-kart for my kids. Still going strong though.

      • Paolo Says:

        Oh right. I dont suppose you have a spare speedo cable do you? 🙂

      • nigsego Says:

        I think I probably have, but I’ll have to check. Need anything else?

      • Paolo Says:

        It could be the speedo or drive I suppose, but its likely to be the (damaged & stretched) cable. Only the rear swingarm plastic trims (I’m sure yours were probably broken too!).

      • nigsego Says:

        Hi. Yes, my plastics were broken too.
        I have the cable & the front wheel drive + a few other parts. I have just photographed all the parts, so if you want, I can email the photos to you, to look over. If you need any/all let me know.

      • Paolo Says:

        Hi, Yes, please do, on


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