At long last we have a 72 volt charger!

Great news for everyone that wants to convert to 72 volts. E-Crazyman has made a 72 volt charger for us. I have ordered mine today, so I should be getting it a bout 10 days.

This should just about complete the list of parts required for a smooth transition to 72 volts.

Sorry to everyone that has been waiting patiently for the details to do the mod. I have not had time to make much head-way due to family comitments. The good news is that Mike has informed me that he is pretty darn close to completing his instructions.

Here is the link for the new charger. I suggest you order one now so it’s ready to use when you do the conversion:


One Response to “At long last we have a 72 volt charger!”

  1. hohisilver Says:

    As you probably know, it’s just a bit late for me 😦 Having bought 2 36V ones a couple of weeks ago, I can’t really justify buying another charger and having 2 brand-new 36V ones just hanging around, so I’m going to be doing the same mod Mike has. They’ll both be running off the same mains and plugged into the usual connector on the bike, so I’m not too worried.

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