Not designed for speed……

Note to one’s self:

Don’t try & take left-hand corners flat out!

I discovered today, to my dismay, that our Scoota’s don’t like being lent too far on the left. The center stand hits the deck with quite a bang!

I guess that it is only a speed thing, as it had never happened before I got the thing over 30mph. Obviously you tend to take corners a bit faster when you have chance.

Twice today I’ve taken corners above 30mph & the stand has ground across the tarmac, sending me slightly off course.

Higher speeds mean more lean in corners – be careful πŸ™‚


5 Responses to “Not designed for speed……”

  1. hohisilver Says:

    This is something I’ve been wary of since I got the scooter, as the footplate is quite wide and close to the ground. I’ve thrown it into a roundabout at almost its max speed without a problem, but I’m always waiting for it to happen.

    The full-size bikes I’ve owned tend to be narrower and with more ground clearance, so I’ve never had to worry – my nerve goes long before I’m leaning far enough to ground anything πŸ˜€

  2. hohisilver Says:

    It’s not just a speed thing. Turning right into my road this evening at a relatively low speed, slightly over-enthusiastic lean, and – clunk!

  3. nigsego Says:

    Ohh. I feel a grinder may be in order here!
    Did the ‘Saiting’ design engineer’s not ride these things before they released them to the public?!

  4. paul Says:

    Hi I am thinking of buying a scoota but would like some one to make the 72v converter just for me to plug in( and a charger to suite ) Could you help.

    • nigsego Says:

      Hi Paul.
      Sorry for the slow reply 😦 I may well be able to help, as I have just stopped using my scoota & was thinking of selling it on. So if you would be interested in buying a 3 year old 72v scoota, let me know πŸ™‚
      Regards, Nick.

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