A week’s trial & it’s looking good.

Well, I’ve been using it for a week now & it all seems pretty good. I have been checking the cable & motor temp’s after riding & they are comparable to the pre-mod temp’s, so I’m very happy with that.

As for speed & acceleration; It has been off the clock (but only just) on a long flat road, which equates to approx 52mph. That was the extremely over exaggerated ‘Ego’ speedo reading, so in reality my sat-nav reading was 34mph. I’m not entirely sure that the sat-nav reading is that accurate, as most of the roads I used to test on were quite short so it never really got chance to fully catch-up with the Scoota’s movements before it slows again. More tests to come soon. The initial acceleration does not seem much different from the 60 volt version, but it does climb through the speed range alot quicker once it gets going. I compare to the rate at which the 48 volt model does it’s 0 to 15 mph; it now accelerates like that all the way to 35 (ish) on the clock & then slowly gets up to full speed (normally 47mph). It also accelerates up hill a LOT better!

The re-generative breaking system works fine whilst on the stand but is over powering the controller during cruse, so Mike has re-designed & the changes (if all goes to plan) will be put into place over the weekend. Again, more info later.

Charging all the batteries posed a bit of a problem as we could not find a 72 volt charger, but I’ve got over this problem by charging 5 batteries with the 60 volt charger & 1 with my 12 volt charger. This involves disconnecting the 6th battery from the others whilst charging, but they all stay in situ with no need to remove, just disconnection. I bought an enclosure & fitted the 2 chargers in with a cooling fan. It’s nice & simple to use & keeps everything neat & out of the way. Mike had his own plan to charge the batteries, which involved combining the 2 chargers & connecting them in different places. Mike, please explain how………

All in all a damn good result. The Scoota finally feels like it should & how it should of felt like coming out of the factory. Lets face it, it only really cost about £200 extra to get it to this state & I’m sure (in fact I know) I would have paid the extra to have it like this from the start.

I fitted the re-gen switch just above the battery charge point, so when I want to use it I reach down & switch it on. If you let go of the throttle whilst doing this, the Scoota will slow down like you were lightly applying the rear break. If you continue to hold the throttle open, it will simply keep going. Both ways will be putting power back in the batteries.


11 Responses to “A week’s trial & it’s looking good.”

  1. hohisilver Says:

    Hi Nick

    All sounds good 😀 Not wanting to put you on the spot or anything, but how has all this affected your insurance? The main thing (apart from the cost) that puts me off is what the reaction would be from the insurance company (even more cost, or at worst, no insurance!?).



  2. nigsego Says:

    Hi Ian.
    Erm….. I’ll let you know when I get my next quote (September I Think).

    I will enquire about a modified policy, but I bet they won’t be able to quote for such a thing, as it is such a new market.

    Now I come to think of it, my insurance company never actually asked me if the Scoota was modified in any way, so I have not technically broken any policy restrictions.

    That said, I will tell them next time I come to insure.


  3. hohisilver Says:

    Hi Nick

    That’s exactly the reason I asked, because I’ve always been asked that question when applying for motor insurance. Maybe, based on the response you get, I might think about modifying after September – finances should be better by then too! 🙂



  4. Mike Says:

    Once it can go over 30mph there are different licence requirements.
    That’s why I’ve incorporated a speed limit into mine. I have to flick a hidden switch every time I switch on the ignition to put it into full speed mode. If I get stopped I just switch off the ignition and when the cops switch it back on to test it with their Dyno it will be in 30mph mode. When I’ve finished the mods there will be 2 switches that will have to be flicked together for added safety.

    Mine is so much fun to ride now at 72V. 🙂

  5. hohisilver Says:

    Hi Mike

    I presume you’re talking about driving licence requirements? That’s not a problem for me – I’ve had a full bike licence for nearly 18 years now. Having read all that you two have been up to, if the insurance turns out not to be an issue, I’ll definitely be going for it I think.


  6. Mike Says:

    What were you riding before? I bet the Ego feels very slow by comparison.
    I think the insurance companies will be very wary about any mods. Its annoying really when there are cars out there with turbos and drop valves and the like that go 150 mph but are still insurable.

    I think the cops are more interested in 16 year olds on mopeds anyway.
    Check this link out. Your part of the world I think Nick.

  7. hohisilver Says:

    I’ve still got, currently off the road, a Honda Pan European (ex-police, ironically!) which will hopefully be back on the road in the Spring, and a Suzuki VX800 that I’ve been trying to get round to doing up for about 7 years now, but one of the conditions (mainly garage room!) of buying the Ego was that the VX had to be sold, and I’ve currently got someone interested in buying it as a “project”.

    Yes, it does feel very slow once the initial acceleration to an indicated 20mph has gone, but it’s absolutely ideal for the purpose I bought it for, which is to commute 1 mile to the office my work is about to relocate to. If I were to use the Pan I dread to think what state the engine would be in (and the fuel consumption!) even after only a few months of never getting even warm after running for only a mile.

    There’s hardly any national speed limit on the route either, so the top speed shouldn’t really be a problem, leaving aside the extremely annoying car drivers who won’t stick to the 30mph speed limit that is! That said, it would be nice to have the extra speed there, even if I don’t use it…

  8. nigsego Says:

    The police artical was very good. I know the areas that they were checking very well. They are ‘chav’ areas (sorry any non-chav’s that live there too), with loads of twatty teenagers darting in & out of cars & even riding on pavements. They are very annoying. I am all for the police chastising these kids (even though I wasn’t too good myself at that age!). I have the misfortune of hearing the ‘bee-in-a-tin-can’ scooters every day & all I wanna do is kick them over. Noisy buggers. My god I feel old!

  9. Mike Says:


  10. Mike Says:


    You know you are ranking number 2 on Google for “ego scooter derestrict”?


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