72 volt conversion. Update 7.2

Well I’ve done it. My Scoota is now running at 72 volts (6 batteries). I have to say, it was a lot harder work then just going to 5 batteries. Now fitted with a new & re-programmed speed controller, up-rated isolator switch, 6 batteries, re-gen breaking & extra cabling. The speed controller needed a an extra resistor & a few wires soldered in (this, for me, was the real tricky bit), I actually got a migraine whilst doing this & had to leave it for a day 😦

I have not fitted the switch for the re-generative breaking yet, but the wire’s are there. I shall be doing this on Saturday (weather permitting). I’ll post with news….

As yet, I have not taken it for a ride. I’ve just tried it up & down my garden path. The acceleration seems better than the 60v version. I plan to take it all apart again tomorrow & check all my handy work (make sure I’ve tightened every thing up) & tidy-up all the new cable lay outs.

Again, none of this 72v malarkey would have been possible for me without all the information, help & advice from Mike. Mucho appreciation. I would not of known where to have started on re-programming a chip!

More news to come soon. Fingers crossed, it will all be working fine by the weekend 🙂



3 Responses to “72 volt conversion. Update 7.2”

  1. Mike Says:

    Great news Nick. Well done.
    Looking forward to some GPS speed results. Don’t forget to check the motor and wire temperatures.

  2. wayne Says:

    has anyone thought of putting apower cap (capacitor) in the circiuit to help boost the startup power thanks

  3. nigsego Says:

    This sounds like a question for Mike. Way beyond my (very) limited knowledge of electronics 😦

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